The Ocean Race: Sailing Beyond Boundaries in the Name of Planet Earth

In the realm of extreme sports, where adrenaline and adventure converge, The Ocean Race stands as a beacon of both athletic prowess and environmental advocacy. Since its inaugural sail in 1973, this round-the-world race has evolved into more than just a thrilling competition; it has become a powerful platform for promoting environmental stewardship, sustainability, and climate action.

Racing with Purpose: A Call to Action

The pulse of The Ocean Race beats in tandem with the heartbeat of our planet. Against the backdrop of an ailing ocean ecosystem, the race has shifted gears from being solely about competition to becoming a driving force for positive change. Pollution, climate change, and overfishing have left scars on our oceans, and The Ocean Race is harnessing the unifying power of sport to inspire meaningful action.

Collaborating with partners like 11th Hour Racing, the Premier Partner of The Ocean Race and the Founding Partner of its sustainability program, the event goes beyond the role of a responsible sports organizer. As we step into a crucial decade of action, The Ocean Race aims not only to educate but to inspire and accelerate action for the betterment of our blue planet.

A Platform for Global Impact

The Ocean Race recognizes the urgency of the environmental challenges we face. The focus extends beyond plastic pollution to encompass climate change, ocean protection, and governance. The race is a staunch supporter of the global goal to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, achieve net-zero by 2040, and limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Advocating for policy, commitments, and tangible actions on ocean protection, The Ocean Race champions marine protected areas, addresses high-seas governance, and confronts the pervasive issue of plastic pollution. Notably, the race strives to elevate the recognition of the inherent rights of the ocean, seeking global acknowledgment from policy to actionable change.

Sailors as Advocates: Uniting for a Sustainable Future

The Ocean Race recognizes that creating a sustainable event requires collaboration with every entity it touches. Sailing teams, as witnesses to the oceans’ declining state, emerge not just as competitors but as passionate advocates for ocean health. Committed to racing sustainably, teams adhere to guidelines set by The Ocean Race, IMOCA, and World Sailing. Their commitment extends to signing The Ocean Race Teams Sustainability Charter.

Themes of climate change, ocean science, and circularity resonate deeply within the race teams. As these sailors crisscross the globe in pursuit of victory, they are also sailing for a cause greater than themselves — a cause that transcends the boundaries of sport, resonating with the very essence of our planet’s well-being.

In the challenging arena of extreme sports, The Ocean Race has unfurled its sails not only as a test of athletic endurance but as a rallying cry for the preservation of our oceans. It is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of sport, where every race becomes a voyage for the Earth, reminding us that the pursuit of victory can coexist harmoniously with a commitment to the greater good.

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