In the vast expanse of the sea, where the horizon kisses the sky, a new chapter is being written—a tale of empowerment, adventure, and the unbreakable spirit of women who set sail against the tides. Welcome to the dawn of a new era in yachting, where the waves whisper tales of courage, and the wind carries the echoes of camaraderie. This is not just a yachting club; it’s a movement, a beacon for women who dare to dream big and navigate the boundless seas. Active Sails Adria, the first women yachting club in the world! Run by women captain!

We Ride & Rise Together!

Join the list for exclusive events by Active Sails Adria, where women connect, empower each other, and embark on transformative journeys.

Be bold, be free, and set sail with us.

Embark on an unparalleled journey of empowerment and luxury adventure with us. At Active Sails Adria we believe in the transformative power of yachting, not just as a sport but as a way of life that uplifts and unites. Our community is dedicated to inspiring women to take the helm, navigate the vast waters, and discover their true potential.

Ride & Rise with us into a world where the horizon is not a limit but a promise of new beginnings and endless possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or new to the nautical world, our club offers an inclusive, supportive environment where every member is encouraged to thrive.

Ride the waves

Experience the thrill of sailing while building lasting connections and unlocking your full potential.

Welcome to our yachting club, where every member is a hero in her own right, and every day is a new chapter in our epic saga. Join us, and let’s make waves together.


Let’s get nautical!
0/ month
  • Stay informed with the latest news, events, and opportunities.
  • Get premium information about sailing events, parties, and yachting experiences.


For women starting their entrepreneurial journey or seeking career advancement. and enjoying nautical lifestyle.
29/ month
  • From idea to business: Business set-up
  • Mentorship, coaching, mindset workshops, skill-building sessions
  • Enjoy exclusive invitations to our sailing events and parties.
  • Access to Global Fleet: Enjoy discounted rates on yacht rentals and charter services.
  • Adriatic Breeze Box
  • 1 day sailing


Tailored for women in leadership positions or looking to upscale their businesses and living nautical lifestyle.
99/ month
  • Personalized business coaching, upskilling opportunities, exclusive networking events, and workshops to elevate your business.
  • VIP access to our yachting experiences and exclusive parties.
  • Meet Global Fleet: Select your new vessel from 10,000 motor boats, yachts, sailing boats, and catamarans worldwide. Exclusive crew services available for women only. Enjoy discounted rates on yacht rentals and charter services.
  • Captain’s Luxury Box
  • 3 days sailing