Trusted Excellence

Our values

Our dedication to empowering women and prioritizing their well-being guides our mission. We aspire to elevate women into leadership roles to drive positive change. Our advocacy is for empowered women, promoting excellence, fostering a supportive community, and offering an exceptional lifestyle.

Integrity: Always Do the Right Thing, Even When No One is Looking
Sisterhood: Always Help a Lady to Rise
Be What You Want to See in the World: Lead by Example
Excellence and Beauty: Always give more, (l)earn more and celebrate more!
Ride and Rise
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Be What You Want to See in the World: Lead by Example

In my role as the leader of the inaugural women’s yachting club, I am delighted to highlight the unique qualities that distinguish our organization as a trailblazer in innovation, empowerment, and community within the yachting sphere. Our club transcends being merely a sailing destination; it represents a forward-thinking initiative dedicated to fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and exceptional standards in the maritime sector, with a distinct focus on women.

At Active Sails Adria, our journey is intertwined with the healing power of the sea, guiding us back to where we belong – the embrace of the Adriatic, a vast expanse that covers 70% of Earth’s surface. Our mission extends beyond sailing; it’s a call to experience the transformative and rejuvenating energy that the sea offers.