Dubai International Boat Show 2024: A Resounding Success for the Maritime World

Dubai, UAE – 3 March 2024: The Dubai International Boat Show, a pinnacle in the global maritime calendar, has drawn its curtains after a remarkable 30th edition. This five-day extravaganza has not only witnessed high-value boat sales but has also catalyzed crucial discussions, groundbreaking agreements, and partnerships that are poised to reshape the future of the yachting world.

Celebrating Success: The Dubai International Boat Show stands out as one of the most influential boat shows globally, accelerating the international yachting industry. The event has solidified Dubai’s position as a sought-after marine leisure tourism hub, attracting a diverse audience from around the world.

Key Highlights:

1. Top Sales and Achievements:

  • Athaus Yachts made major sales, including the Lamborghini 63 built by Tecnomar Yachts, hull #19, marking the Dubai International Boat Show as a hub connecting major boat builders with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI).
  • SanLorenzo sold three yachts, underlining the show’s role in reaching new buyers and pleasing long-standing clients.
  • Gulf Craft Group celebrated multiple sales, showcasing the success of its iconic vessels, including Majesty Yachts, Nomad Yacht, Silvercraft, and SilverCAT brands.

2. Growing Popularity and Diversification:

  • Cole Brauer, the youngest competitor in the race, has become a sensation on social media, documenting her journey with authenticity and joy. Her unexpected rise in popularity challenges stereotypes in professional ocean sailing.
  • The show welcomed diverse visitors and buyers, with an increase in European and Arab prospective buyers, reflecting the event’s growing global appeal.

3. Sustainability Focus:

  • Sustainability remained a central theme, with exhibitor Sunreef presenting two fully electric yachts – electric sail and electric power, emphasizing environmental consciousness and energy efficiency.
  • Azimut showcased its commitment to sustainability, leading the way in eco-friendly yachting technologies.

4. Landmark Agreements and Expansions:

  • Dubai Harbour will host the 31st edition of the Dubai International Boat Show, solidifying a long-term partnership for further opportunities for growth.
  • The Captain’s Club, a members-only boat club, announced plans to expand into Kuwait, showcasing the impact of the show on the regional maritime sector.

5. Marine Services One Expansion:

  • Marine Services One expanded its portfolio with three new partners, Italvipla, Osmosea, and Tikal Marine Systems, enhancing its capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions and superior quality.

6. International Collaborations:

  • Al Fajer Marine initiated talks and negotiations to have representatives and ambassadors in Australia, Maldives, and the UK, potentially marking the first of its kind for the company.

As the show concludes, these achievements set the stage for the 31st edition in February 2025 at Dubai Harbour. The Dubai International Boat Show continues to be a beacon of success, bringing together industry leaders, enthusiasts, and maritime professionals on a global scale.

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