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I provide personal coaching to new entrepreneurs who are struggling to create business maps and launch immediately.

Corporate Consulting

My corporate coaching services encompass business growth planning to assist businesses in standing out in their respective industries.

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I bring business people together in groups to talk about fresh ideas and help each other. Anyone can benefit from participating in these sessions.

I Motivate Individuals To Pursue New Ventures & Transform Lives.

Greetings! I am Josipa Filipovic, a seasoned consultant, business strategist, Yacht Master, and the proud founder of Active Sails Adria. My mission goes beyond the boardroom, extending into the open seas with a dedication to empowering women, building women’s leadership, and introducing ladies to the exhilarating world of yachting.

About Me:
With a multifaceted background that includes being a Yacht Master and the visionary founder of Active Sails Adria, my journey is marked by a commitment to excellence both in business and on the water. A firm believer in the potential of women in leadership, I bring a unique perspective to consultancy, blending my nautical expertise with strong skills in investments and business development.

What Sets Me Apart:
In addition to my prowess in AI, digital transformation, investments, and business development, I am passionate about fostering diversity and inclusion in traditionally male-dominated domains. Active Sails Adria stands testament to my commitment to empowering women to embrace leadership roles and thrive in the yachting world.


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As A business strategist, here’s How I Can Help

Values I Can Add To Your Business

Holistic Approach: Benefit from a comprehensive approach that combines business acumen with yachting expertise.
Empowerment Initiatives: Join a consultancy that actively promotes women’s leadership and inclusivity, both in business and yachting.
Proven Track Record: With a successful background in investments and business development, I bring tangible results to every project.


AI Integration: Harness the power of artificial intelligence for your business’s growth and success.
Digital Transformation: Navigate the complexities of the digital era with tailored strategies designed to elevate your online presence.
Business Coaching: Empower leaders and teams with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.
Yachting Empowerment: Break into the world of yachting with specialized programs aimed at empowering women to become leaders in the maritime domain.

My Collaborations With 80+ Leading Companies & Associations

I have collaborated with leading companies to help my clients cut a good deal out of it.
Embark on a transformative journey with Active Sails Adria, where consultancy meets innovation, and the yachting world becomes a realm of empowerment for women. Let’s shape the future together, both in business and on the high seas.

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Active Sails Adria has given me true guidance in terms of business. I learnt a lot from Josipa and her feedback and services.


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In one word, Active Sails Adria gives the best business coaching in town. My business got profit earlier than I expected.


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I would highly recommend Active Sails Adria as your perfect business coach because of their premium services.